1. WORSHIP: The message is premiered on our YouTube channel on Wednesday at 7:00PM. Prior to watching the message, get your worship on first! Watch a few songs on our YouTube page or listen to our Spotify playlist. Worship is not confined to a building or a people, it's who we are! So let's worship right where we are with all that we've got!

2. MESSAGE: Join us on YouTube for our video premiere! There is a live chat feature for students and leaders to engage with during the message. Come ready to dive in and engage with us!  

3. HANGS: After the message, we will send out a link by text and in our YouTube chat for students to join on Zoom either by website or app on their phone. Let's spend some intentional time connecting together as a TRIBE!

4. SHARE: Snap a picture or send out the link for your friends to join us! Be sure to @us on social media using @TRIBEYTH!