Online adult CLASSES

Our Adult Classes provide great "getting to know each other" opportunities at Grace. We study God's Word, plan dinners and events to foster friendships, and use our skills and gifts to connect with and serve others.
During this online-only season, many of our classes are meeting via Zoom, and you are welcome to join in!
Please use the information below to contact each class for meeting information and links.

Available Classes


Every Sunday - 9:00am | Topic: The Kingdom of God
All are welcome to join us each week for a lesson that prompts discussion and personal application to our daily lives. We also enjoy friendly conversation before and after the teaching time!


Every Sunday - 11:00am | Book of Jeremiah
Alternating quarterly studies of Old and New Testament books, using a lecture and discussion format. Significant emphasis on prayer and support for Grace global outreach.

Family Class

Every Sunday - 10:00am | Topic: Book of Daniel
Parents may bring their entire family to hear teaching designed for all ages. A rotating group of fathers do the teaching – intentionally focused on developing godly leaders while training parents by modeling and practice. 

Growing Disciples

Every Sunday - 8:00am | Topic: Book of Daniel
Collaborative study that engages a committed group of people who genuinely care about each other, and make you "feel at home."

Growing Strong

Every Sunday - 10:00am | Topic:  Evangelism/Discipleship
Parents of young families encourage each other to grow strong in Christ through this stage of life – with a focus on discipleship, evangelism, fellowship, worship and serving. 

We also have many smaller Life Groups meeting online during this season!
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