Project Phases

What's going to happen?

On The Move is divided up into six different phases. Each phase will be completed in the order shown below, as funds are received to do so. By reaching our total goal, we will have the funds to complete all six phases as part of this project!

Phase 1 - Planning & Permits

Cost: $58,000 - PAID!!!

Complete project plan, documentation, meet with architects, and obtain all necessary city permits. 

Phase 2 - Nursery

Cost: $375,000

Relocate Birth-2 year old nursery space from current space to ideally located renovated A-Building space.

Phase 3 - Landscaping & Signage

Cost: $275,000

Update the area along Southern Ave. with a new LED sign, see-through fencing, a large cross, and new landscaping.

Phase 4 - Campus Infrastructure

Cost: $492,000

Provide much needed and cost saving improvements to our campus control systems, HVAC and lighting systems.

Phase 5 - Worship Center

Cost: $348,000

Replace original flooring, and seating to improve access and capacity. Install new projectors to increase functionality and visibility.

Interested in the new seating we'll be adding? Learn more about them here!

Phase 6 - Parking Lot

Cost: $80,000

Resurface, seal and restripe the parking lot, while also updating the current lighting to significant cost saving LED solution.

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