Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

General Questions

Why are we raising $1.5 million for Grace?

Continuing the vision of our church and this community, this allows us to invest so that our facilities are ready to be used to meet the needs and ministry of the community!

Why are the phases in the order that they are in?

They are set up this way based on the planning, prayer and priority that was determined by the elders and building planning team. For example, the logistics that will be covered in Phase 4 are critically important and helpful in being done before moving to Phases 5 & 6!

How are the funds for this project being handled? What are the ways that I can contribute?

The funds and finances are being handled with discretion and confidentiality for the sake of the giver. The projects will also only be started when all money required for that phase is received and in hand. For ways to give, check out the link here.

What are some ways that I can contribute besides my financial commitment?

Your help is greatly appreciated! 

  • The first, and most important thing you can do is pray! Pray for those who are going to contribute to this, for those who will be working on the projects themselves, and for the people that these projects will reach with the Gospel!
  • Be A Vision Carrier! Share the vision of what it means to be ON THE MOVE with others and encourage them to get involved!
  • Roll up your sleeves and get involved! As we continue to grow as a church, we have more and more opportunities and needs for people to volunteer and use their gifts to bless others!

What happens if we get MORE than $1.5 million?

We will celebrate and thank God and His people for His blessing through their generosity! Then, the building team, leadership and elders will pray through the next areas of need that would be most beneficial to continue the 2020 vision and future of ministry in and through Grace Community Church!

Questions Regarding Specific Project Phases

Phase 1

Q: When was this started? Was it discussed and prayed about?

A: The Leadership and Building Team of Grace have been working on this diligently along with the design and architectural firm for the past 2 ½ years. There has been a lot of prayer, and seeking of wise counsel.

Q: When will we be able to start this and the other phases?

A: We have already had all the plans and permits approved by the city and are ready to start as soon as the funds are in hand, as early as October 1, 2018!

Phase 2

Q: What happens to the A1 & A2 Classrooms and the kitchen?

A: The kitchen will remain where it is with exterior access. The classes that met in those rooms have new locations and B3, Lamb Chapel and Davidson Center will be used for multiple service needs and special events. 

Q: What will the new nursery rooms and area look like?

A: Feel free to look at the renderings! There will be 4 rooms for Birth – 2 year olds with an indoor hallway that connects the spaces and allows for indoor check-in for the nursery area. There is also an age appropriate play pad that is connected to the A-building!

Phase 3

Q: What is the reason for signage, landscaping and fence area on Southern Ave.?

A: Making these improvements are critical to bring our signage up to date, draw positive attention to our beautiful campus, and provide better security for those on the campus including more regular use of the lawn in front of the worship center!

Q: What are the dimensions of the cross and the sign on Southern Ave.?

A: The cross will stand at 20’ tall! The sign, will be a 4’x8’ LED sign that we can control and change the content.

Phase 4

Q: Why aren’t these changes being covered by the annual budget?

A: The changes needed to keep things like the HVAC of our campus functional and cost efficient are very large and long overdue. These will be massive campus wide renovations, not simply replace a unit or cooler in one of the buildings.

Q: What are some of the cost savings from a project like this?

A: Just the HVAC will render us the potential of over 50% energy savings by having units that are up to date, running properly, and connected to a control system that allows us to better manage when units are running or not. 

Phase 5

Q: Why do we need to do any renovation in the worship center?

A: The worship center has served very well, but a number of components in the room are well worn, no longer efficient, and lack future sustainability as the flooring and seats are 30+ years old. The desire is to provide an attractive, accessible, and efficient space that lasts us into the future!

Q: Will the pews be made available to the people of Grace?

A: Yes, the plan is to make them available!

Q: What will the new seats look like?

A: They're really neat! Check out some sample photos from the manufacturer's website here!

Phase 6

Q: What is the cost savings that comes from a Phase like this?

A: Just in the energy savings of changing the lights in the parking lot, we will have a cost savings of approximately 80%!

Q: Will the parking lot still have designated parking spots for first time visitors or handicapped?

A: Yes! We will also be configuring the designated spots to be the most beneficial for those who require them!

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